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I bought this guy out of California a few months ago and just love him. His name is Gotta Impress You, aka Reno. Pretty enough to get attention, but has lots of GO to do Trail riding and Competitive Trail Rides. Don’t have a lot of pictures yet of him, going to buy one of the ones of him doing his first CTR here
and Here

He is sired by Multiple World Champion Go To Impress by Goer, and out of Race /Performance Bred mare. He is bay with a loud spotted blanket, I do call him my A.D.D child as standing still it not his best point. But that is what I was sorta going for in a CTR horse, but one of his best features is his trot. Man he can go. In fact I can see his front hooves in front when he is doing the mega trot!

A few weekends ago, we did a 12 mile ride and he was just warming up… I should have rode it twice!

Anyway is has this special Dorky Look, where he stand and turns his head strait on to look at you… not very haltery! one day I hope to get some Most Colorful At Halter Points on him!

The Dorky Look!

The Dorky Look!

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