Of Goats Milk

Around the farm, Around the Kitchen

Ok, I have been a little overwhelmed with Goats Milk. Mostly because of a tragedy stillborn loss concerning the birth of one baby goat… which left me as the goats “kid” suddenly plunged into milking twice a day rain of shine! The first milk I gave to the Chickens… HAPPY DAY.. they love it. and the fact that no one…even though through taste tests..claim is tastes as good or better than the walmart milk.. no one will drink it.

I bought a little milking machine that greatly helps… it is air tight so nice and clean.

Then I made some goats milk soap… the cold method with scary lye. It is curing. But smells great. Lavendar Honey Oatmeal Goats Milk Soap. At Whole Foods it goes for 15.00 a lb!

Now to the cheese. My first cheese was feta… I made a mistake but it seemed forgiving and we have a 1/2 gallon jar with feta curing. Now came the cream de la cream.. Mozzarella Cheese. Well I made a really nice bowling ball. Happy Chickens again.. ( good thing I have them)

Sad week for me and felt frustrated but not defeated! I will make this work!

Next week I tried again with a new recipe… It takes me about 4-5 days to get enough milk to make cheese almost all the recipes call for 2-3 gallons~ At a little more than half gallon a day….it takes a couple of days to build up.

Well I MADE mozzarella!!!

It is a a difficult cheese to make  This guys Video inspired me
He made it look so easy.  I was able to make 3 bricks… of which one is left!  I had to make a few recipes that called for it! But am going to make as much as I can and freeze it!

I also made yogurt… I have made alot of yogurt with the reg. milk and I have to say this goats milk yogurt turned out fantastic!  So on to more soap ( does anyone got a clue yet as to what you may be getting for Christmas? ) cheese and more!

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