Stages of Wool Processing

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Fiona, has the best wool, very thick, soft and crimpy

We have a small flock of Shetland Sheep, they are a heritage breed that is small but has very soft wool.  Left with no one to shear this year, I took a “stab” at it and was able to remove most of the fleece intact from 3 ewes.  After giving a bag of the best to a friend she has already done some amazing things!

Raw Wool just from sheep, lots of dirt, hay, debris and lanolin! The cleaning process is called “skirting’

Wool After being cleaned, gently drying


Clean Wool!!


Ready to Spin…a good quality wool is “crimpy” which allows for easy spinning in to yarn


A test piece of the spun wool knitted into a little doily.


Now how cool is that!! From Sheep to something to wear!! Thanks Arlette for the pictures!

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